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Rejuville Shampoo

Rejuville Shampoo

Nhà sản xuất: Rejuvi Laboratory Inc.
Mã sản phẩm: RJ005
Tình trạng: Còn hàng
Số lượng:

For Deep Cleansing and Reducing Mechanical Hair Damage

Rejuville Shampoo is designed to cleanse hair with the best result for hair growth. This shampoo utilizes a unique combination of detergents plus alpha-hydroxyl acid, which helps better scalp penetration. This combination cleans hair thoroughly and removes all debris from hair follicles promoting healthy hair growth. Moreover, Rejuville Shampoo utilizes a special ingredient - phytantriol, which can greatly reduce mechanical hair damage such as hair loss and split ends due to combing and rubbing. With consistent use the results can be seen within a week. Rejuville Shampoo also incorporates a special conditioner to make hair manageable and to add a silky sheen.

Use as a regular shampoo and as often as needed. Wet hair thoroughly, apply shampoo and work into lather. Rinse off. For better results leave Shampoo on hair for at least 30 seconds.

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